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In 1997 I took my first glassblowing class and thought people that choose to do this for work were nuts!  Twenty years I am still at it and becoming more open minded about people's life work...  I have and continue to learn many things far beyond the scope of the material from my pursuits with glass and feel very blessed that I am able to spend my time expressing myself in this way.

In early 2016 I packed up my car and headed to South West Florida from New Hampshire.  After meeting some amazing people and being able to spend more time with my parents it did not take me long to begin the process of relocating here full time.  In May of that year I found a house with a perfect spot for a workshop and began to get settled.  I split my time between Naples Florida where I live and Miami where my girlfriend Deon lives.  She also works with glass and has a workshop there so we are able to create together in both places.  Please look for us at Art and Craft shows throughout South Florida!  Hope to see you soon.